Several businesses served the town of Ypsilanti, North Dakota in the early days, such as the stage line, blacksmith's shops, elevators, a cream station, the railroad, and a variety of shops, stores and other enterprises. Some of them will be featured in the pages to follow.

As a basis for this information, I will be using the Ypsilanti Community Centennial Book 1882-1982, although I will revise it for the web. I will also focus on documenting the early history of Ypsilanti, omitting businesses that were contemporary at the time that the Centennial Book was published in 1982, and I am certainly open to adding any early businesses that may have been overlooked during the writing of the Centennial Book, if there should be any.

Note: Contemporary businesses, organizations or individuals in Ypsilanti, North Dakota may be added to the links page of this site, at no charge. If the business, church, club, organization or any other entity in Ypsilanti has a web page, I would be pleased to add a referring link if someone would send it to me. Please see my links page for additional information about getting a free promotional page on this domain.