The first Ypsilanti, North Dakota cafe was a granary brought in by Ted Thurn in 1947. Ted and Ethel ran the cafe until about 1948, when Leslie and Elva Schultz bought the building. They sold the granary, and built the "Feed Basket" in 1952, where the post office was later located.

In 1960, Albert and Ella Bennett bought the business from the Schultz's. In 1968, Bevery Kurtz rented the building and operated the cafe, after which Mrs. Robert Jorgenson and Mrs. Arne VanDam rented the building and ran the cafe for about a year. They changed the name to "Valley Cafe".

In 1970, Donald and Pearl Johnson rented the building, and operated the cafe. Then, in 1972, the Johnsons purchased a building, built by Lou Lienhart in 1931, on the site where the Spaulding Store was located until it was destroyed by fire in 1930.

In 1973, a group of community people bought the building from the Johnsons, and since that time, Sandra Westrum, Lorraine Jorgenson, Karen Lureen, Darlene Whitney, and Esther Aljoe, who was operating the business in 1982, have continued it.