Cream Station

The Ypsilanti Cream and Produce Company was managed by Fred Jorgenson in the early 1920s. The first building was destroyed by fire, and a new station was built.

Fred Hendrickson succeeded Jorgenson, managing the company from 1934 to 1937. In July of 1937, Ted Thurn became the manager and operated the business for twelve years.

Ted recalled that he bought as much as one hundred 10-gallon cans of cream in a week. Cream was kept cool by pumping water into a long wooden tank in the back of the cream station.

He also bought and sold baby chicks and feed. He purchased poultry from the farmers.

When Ted Thurn resigned as manager, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Radtke became managers of the business, followed by Mr. and Mrs. James Jibbens.

After the cream station closed, the building was used as a barber shop, post office, and then as living quarters for Ted Thurn.