Pool Hall

The pool hall was built and operated in 1908 by Fred Nelson. Next, it was deeded to J.E. and Elizabeth Strong, then to Floyd Harriman. Other early renters were Earl Stott, Jack Smedley, and Fred Blow.

Harvey Kipp purchased the pool hall in 1927. It was destroyed by fire in on May 6, 1930. This was the same fire that destroyed the Hyslop Grocery Store. Harvey replaced the building, and it was open for business on July 1, 1930, and renamed, The Globe. The contractor for the reconstruction was R.B. Kotts.

The Globe

When the new building was open for business, it has been expanded. There were pool tables, card tables, tobacco, soft drinks, candy, ice cream, lunches, and a barber shop.

In 1934, beer was legalized, and added to the business. The pool tables were recovered, booths were installed, and pin ball and shuffle board machines were added.

In 1937, a full basement was excavated, and a dance hall was installed with juke box music.

In 1941, Texaco products were added.

From July 1, 1943 to October 1, 1945, Harvey served in the Air Force during World War II, and the business was closed. When Harvey returned from the service, the business was reopened but, due to a new Food Divorcement Law, all food was discontinued. Liquor was added in 1946.

Later Marvin and Borghild Brudvick bought The Globe.

In 1971, Jim and Mary Ann Purcell bought the building. In 1973, they added an addition known as the Fireside Lounge. The name of the business was changed to the Ypsi Bar. In 1981, Nathan Brown purchased the building, and renamed it, Ropers Bar.