Ypsilanti Station

The railroad line between Jamestown and LaMoure was built by the James River Valley Railroad Company, which was originally owned by businessmen from Jamestown and LaMoure, North Dakota.

In 1883 and 1884, the grading work was done. Unfortunately, they lacked the capital to complete the line. Finally, it came under the control of the Northern Pacific Railroad, and the line was completed in 1885. The Valley line was operated by the Northern Pacific Railroad until the time of the Burlington-Northern merger.


The stations of Ypsilanti, Montpelier, Adrian, Dickey and Grand Rapids were established in 1885, and depots were built at all but the Adrian station.

Some of the depot agents who were employed at the Ypsilanti Station were John Bohleg, William Luchsinger, M.J. Burns, Robert Heyer, George Whitford, Paul Althoff, and Calvin Oathoudt. Several others were employed at one time or another, but only for a short time.

When the Ypsilanti Station depot was discontinued, it was sold to Esther Dahle, who moved it to Montpelier to be used as a post office.

Railroad Maintenance

Ed Frost was the first Section Foreman. Hubert Nichols succeeded Ed in 1897. When he resigned in 1905, Albert Rosendahl became foreman, continuing in that capacity until he retired in 1945. Next, Mike Heffernan became foreman, and remained so until he retired.


About 1906, the section house was built, serving as a living quarters for the section foremans.

Others who served as foremen were Warren Martines, Paul Fiss, Maynard Flegal, and Ted Liebold. Several others were employed in that position for short periods of time.

Other section employees were Fred Jorgenson, Joe Johnson, Gus Naze, Carl Strommen, Earl Winkler, Melvin Syverson, Earl S. Johnson, and August Schultz.