Stage Line

The Concord Stage, with four horses, ran three times a week from Jamestown, past the old Homer School No. 3, past Charlie Davis' tree claim, across Jim Davis's farm (NE Section 2 in Corwin), across Darwin Fisher's land (SE Section 1), down the hill, and across the James River, a short distance south of the current bridge, where there is still a ford, to the Ted Doughty farm a half mile north of Ypsilanti (farm formerly owned by Howard Wolf).

An article from the Stutsman County Record, dated 1933, states:

The drivers carried small bugles or horns and when nearing a town would blow a few sharp shrill notes and the horses would light out into a fast run. I've seen some very quick and spectacular stops made.

From Ypsilanti, the next stop was Plano. Ed Quanrud purchased this farm in 1903, where a store and post office was located. William Schultz (Edith Whitney's father) lived about one half mile east of this combined store and post office. Edith recalls herding cattle over to the store with her apron full of eggs to trade for candy. Kids weren't too different then.