Ferguson Grocery Store


The building is located on Lots 3 and 4, Block 12 of the original townsite of Ypsilanti, North Dakota. It was built in 1909, and was first operated as a general store by the Englesons, who had living quarters on the upper level.

Richard and Alice Cody bought the building, and operated it as a cafe for a few years. When the Codys left, the M.O. Johnson family lived in the building, and Mr. Johnson ran the cafe.


When H.V. Nichols sold his store on the south side of the street to William Hyslop, he moved the post office to the building on the north side, and turned the upper level into an apartment for his family.

In 1939, he sold the building to Lee Ferguson, who operated it as a grocery and general store. In 1942, the Rural Electrification Act was enacted and, in 1944, Lee installed a locker plant in the basement of the building.

The post office continued in the building, and Hubert Nichols remained as postmaster until he retired. Lee served as postmaster for about a year, then Hattie Heffernan became postmaster, and continued to have the post office in the building until 1953, when she moved it to her home.

Lee operated the grocery store and locker plant until 1980, when he sold the business to Arvid and Della Brignall. They were there for about a year and a half.

In 1981, the locker plant was discontinued.