Jorve Bros Store

The Jorve Brothers Store was constructed in 1909, and was operated by Gilbert and Marius Jorve, who had come to Ypsilanti from Rothsay, Minnesota.

The original building was forty feet long. In 1921, an addition was built, adding forty feet to the building's length. The contractor was R.B. Kotts.

In 1925, the Jorve Brothers bought an implement business in LaMoure. Gilbert Jorve remained in Ypsilanti, and Marius went to LaMoure.

In 1934, Gilbert Jorve was killed in an automobile accident, and the business was continued by Mrs. Gilbert Jorve and her son, Vernon.

In 1938, Vernon went to Kenyon, Minnesota to operate a hardware store. Harold Jorve became the manager in Ypsilanti in 1939. Harold was called into military service during World War II, and the hardware and implement businesses were sold to the Vaught Brothers. The Vaughts continued the business until 1980, when it was sold to Ellison Enteprises, headquartered in Sanborn, North Dakota. In 1981, Ypsilanti Equity Elevator purchased the business.