Spaulding Store

The Spauldings came to the Ypsilanti, North Dakota community from Michigan in 1885, operating a general store in Ypsilanti.

Lewis Klien had previously operated the store, the first one in the community in the early 1900s. The building was a two-story structure, with living quarters on the upper level.

The Spauldings had a foster son, Clarence. After the death of his parents, he reassumed his family name, Ned Boyd. He lived in Rapid City, South Dakota, but returned to Ypsilanti on several occasions to visit. He died in 1980.

Other operators of the store were the Merrills, Anderson Brothers, Madsons, Ruud, Nichols, and Hubert Nichols. Hubert Nichols sold the store to William Hyslop, who operated it until it burned in 1930.