Community Disasters

In 1909, the Graves home, located on the west side of the dam, was destroyed by a cyclone. Mrs. Graves and two of her children were killed. Part of the Gibson Elevator was destroyed at this time.

In 1930, the Hyslop Store (Spaulding Store) was destroyed by fire. Lou Lienhart constructed a new building on the site in 1931. The Pool Hall, owned by Harvey Kipp, was destroyed in the same fire that burned the Hyslop Store. A new building was erected, and opened for business on July 1, 1930, still managed by Harvey Kipp.

In 1964, the Floyd Orr home (the old Corwin House) burned. The Orrs built a new home on the same location.

In 1970, the Blacksmith Shop was destroyed by fire.

In 1976, the bulk oil plant of the Equity Elevator was destroyed by fire.

In 1981, the Naatus and the LeRoy Kastet homes were destroyed by fire.

Homes Move Into (or out of) Ypsilanti

  • Frances Radtke home moved in from T. Holland's farm east of town.
  • Earl S. Johnson moved what had once been the Dahl Home in from east of town.
  • Esther Aljoe moved a house in from the George Herald farm northwest of town.
  • The LeRoy Kastet home was moved in from the Nagle farm.
  • The Leland Patzner home was moved by Mike Heffernan from near Urbana.
  • The Tussler house, on top of the hill west of town, was moved to the Alfred Carlson farm.
  • The J.O. Berge home southeast of town was moved by Gohner to west of Montpelier.
  • The Madden School was purchased by North Lien and moved to Ellendale to be used as a home.
  • Phyllis Lien's home was moved in from the Knowlton Parfit farm.
  • The Edwin Geigle home was moved in from the Peterson farm east of Montpelier.
  • The James Ukestad was moved in by J.O. Ukestad from the Marion area.
  • Hilda Kurtti moved a school house in from near the Gordon farm to be used as a home.
  • The Marvin Kuntz home was moved to town by O.B. Christopherson. Originally the Fred Nelson home, it has been added to and remodeled.
  • The Ypsilanti section house was moved out to the Don Hasting farm.
  • The Merton Smith home was moved in by Arvid Brignall from Jamestown.