Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts

Robert Heyer started the Boy Scout program in Ypsilanti, North Dakota in 1946. In 1948, Robert Jorgenson became the scout leader.

Later, the youth organization was sponsored and headed by the Ypsilanti Lutheran Church, with Milton Vaught and Boyden Kipp its leaders in 1955. Earl Johnson became assistant leader when Boyden left the community. Walter Klienjan, from Jamestown, led the troop when Milton stepped down from the leadership of the BSA in Ypsilanti, North Dakota. Boy Scout Troop No. 186 included boys from Ypsilanti and Montpelier.

Highlights of scouting activities included trips to Wilderness Camp near Park Rapids, Minnesota, the Ely Canoe trip, also in Minnesota, White Shell Park in Canada, Black Hills, South Dakota, and a National Jamboree in Philmont, Arizona.

The Scouts were active in Ypsilanti through 1969, discontinuing at the same time that the Lutheran Brotherhood became inactive.

Cub Scouts

Operated under the jurisdication of the Boy Scouts of America, the Cub Scouts organization for younger boys in Ypsilanti, North Dakota were organized by Mrs. Ruby Vaught and Gertrude Peterson in 1956. Several den mothers assisted the organization and scouts with their projects and activities. The group met at the school house, with the Ypsilanti PTA sponsoring the organization. The youth group was active until 1966.