Hobby Club

First organized as a Homemakers Club, the organization later became a Hobby Club.

The 4-H Clubs and Homemakers Clubs in the Ypsilanti, North Dakota community were organized with the help of the Stutsman County Agent and the Home Agent through the cooperation of the State Extension Division and the United States Department of Agriculture.

The Ypsilanti Homemakers Club was organized in April of 1927 at the home of Mrs. Amos Jacobson with twelve charter members, including Mrs. T.A. Jorve, Mrs. Leo Nicholls, Mrs. Amos Jacobson, Mrs. Albert Rosendahl, Mrs. R.B. Kotts, Mrs. E.L. Evans, Mrs. Clinton Gibson, Mrs. Klara Jorgenson, Mrs. Signora Callsen, Mrs. J.O. Ukestad, Mrs. G.M. Jorve, and Mrs. John Luchsinger.