For the purpose of this history, as with the rest of the history section, I have, somewhat arbitrarily, chosen 1950 as the cut-off date for individual and family biographies. Individuals and families who were included in the Community Centennial Book, or whose information may have been submitted individually, who moved into the Ypsilanti, North Dakota community after 1950 will not be included.

This is not a reflection of any family or individual's contributions to the Ypsilanti community, but simply a matter of convenience.

As there is an obvious difference between those who came to the community in the early years, before the townsite was established in 1884, or between the years of 1884 and 1910. I have elected to consider those who came to the area prior to 1910 to be early settlers, while listing those who arrived between 1910 and 1950 in a separate section. These dates are entirely arbitrary on my part and are not intended to offend.

Anyone who currently resides in Ypsilanti, North Dakota, or who lived in the community after 1950, is invited to send me any information, photographs, or documentation for inclusion in this web site, and I will do my very best to find a place to include it.