August Schultz

August Schultz was born in Marion, North Dakota. His father died in 1912. His mother married Knute Arneson, after which the family moved to Montpelier, where they operated the Knute Arneson Dray Line. They made several deliveries with team and wagon from the train depot to places of business, and also hauled a lot of coal and ashes. In 1922, they moved ten miles southeast of Ypsilanti.

Twila Gift is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gift, who lived in Ypsilanti, North Dakota. August and Twila were married.

August worked for several years as a farmhand, he worked for Ted Thurn, at Vaught Hardware, and for twenty-six years on the railroad, retiring in 1974.

Twila clerked at Erdahl's Grocery, Vaught Hardware, part-time at Farmers State Bank, and was, at one time, assistant post-mistress.

August and Twila Schultz had one son, Kenis.