Bryant Baker

Bryant Baker was born at Bellingham, Minnesota. His father, E.W. Baker, and his mother, Nettie Sweet, had come to Minnesota from Wisconsin.

Bryant Baker's wife, Hazel, was born at Bancroft, South Dakota. Her father, Everett Purintun, originally came from Wisconsin, while his mother had come from Massachusetts.

Bryant and Hazel Baker came to the Ypsilanti, North Dakota community in 1946 from the vicinity of Hazelton and Napoleon. They bought a farm southeast of Ypsilanti, in Stutsman County.

They were the parents of thirteen children: Bruce (1921), Lillian (1923), Lottie (1927), Boyd (1931), Florence (1932), Grant (1933), Olive (1935), Lester (1937), Leslie (1938), Mabel (1939), Ray, Fern, and Purrell. Five of the Baker sons were in the military.