Cale McClean

Cale McClean was born on July 1, 1880 at St. Louis, Missouri. Ina was born on September 29, 1886 at Buffalo Prairie, Illinois. Cale and Ina were married on February 12, 1908.

Cale and Ina McClean came to North Dakota by train in the spring of 1916 from Rock Island County, Illinois to Marion, as they had purchased land there from a land agent. Upon their arrival, they found that the farm on which they were going to live was being rented, so they rented a farm east of Montpelier, making their home in a cook car, as there were no farm buildings on the property. During the summer, a house was built on this farm but they lived in it for only a short time.

That fall, they moved to their own farm east of Ypsilanti, in Stutsman County. Again, there were no buildings on the property so they lived in a cook car while they built their house and other farm buildings.

Cale and Ina were the parents of nine children. Cale died in 1963, and Ina passed away in 1970.