Carl Janz

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Janz, and their three children, left Germany for Holland. From there, they took  a freighter, Monte Temple, across the Atlantic Ocean, a trip that took three weeks. They landed in Nova Scotia, Canada.

From there, they went by train to Toronto, then to Lucca, North Dakota, arriving in 1907. Mrs. Lanz left two sisters in Germany, and Mr. Lanz left five members of his family, the rest having already arrived in North Dakota. The others followed later.

They farmed east of Montpelier and, in 1919, moved to Corwin Township, Stutsman County, where they bought a farm. They farmed until 1935, when they retired and moved to Montpelier.

When Carl died, he was over the age of ninety and an outstanding citizen of the Montpelier community, such that the flag at the Montpelier Post Office was flown at half mast during his funeral.

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Janz were Marie, Martha, Bertha, Frieda, Anna, Erna, and Agnes.