James Jibbens

James (Jim) and Minnie Jibbens and their two-month old daughter, Vi, came to North Dakota in 1924 from Bemis, South Dakota. They moved on to a farm ½ mile north of Ypsilanti, then known as the Foster farm.

They lived there and farmed the land until 1930, when they moved to the McElroy farm northeast of Ypsilanti. While there, they had another daughter, Dorothy.

They lived there until 1936, when they moved to the Nelson Farm, which later became the Jamestown Sand and Gravel Company.

They lived there until 1942, when they moved to the Kleinheksel farm, which they purchased.

They lived there until 1950, when they sold the farm to their daughter, Vi, and her husband, Carl Erickson, and moved to Ypsilanti to operate the Cream Station until 1958, when Jim retired due to poor health.

They moved to Jamestown, where Minnie worked at the Jamestown Hospital until her death in 1963. Jim remained in Jamestown until his own death in 1966.

While living in Ypsilanti, both James and Minnie were active in community affairs, and were members of the Ypsilanti Lutheran Church.