Mike Heffernan

Mike Heffernan was born at Garryione, Iowa, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Heffernan. Hattie Vetter was born in Wisconsin, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vetter, who had come to America from Germany. Both families had moved to South Dakota.

Mike Heffernan and Hattie Vetter were married and, following their marriage, in 1916, Mike traveled by horse and buggy to North Dakota looking for farmland. Hattie came later as, being a teacher, she needed to complete the school term.

Mike and Hattie Heffernan farmed in the area for four years before he and his father sold out, and he and Hattie moved to Ypsilanti. Mike worked on the railroad from the spring of 1921, until he retired in June of 1960. Hattie was post-mistress from June of 1942 until she retired September of 1967.

Mike passed away in 1968. At the time that the Ypsilanti Community Centennial Book was published in 1982, Hattie resided at Central Dakota Nursing Home in Jamestown.

Mike and Hattie had five children.