Milton Vaught

Milton Vaught was born in Steele, North Dakota. His parents were Elksworth P. and Emma Arnold Vaught. Milton was a sophomore in high school when he came, with his parents, to the Jamestown area, attending his sophomore and senior year in Jamestown, and his junior year in Ypsilanti. After high school, he spent some years working on the farm. In 1945, he went into the hardware business with his brother, Chester Vaught.

Also in 1945, Milton was married to Ruby Gilderhus, of Sheyenne, North Dakota. Ruby was the daughter of Tosten N. and Anne Gilderhus.

Milton and Ruby Vaught lived in Ypsilanti, North Dakota for thirty-six years, then moved to Seattle, Washington in 1980.

They had two children, Emaline Ann and Gregory Arnold Vaught.