Peter Van Dyke

Peter Van Dyke was born in the Netherlands. He came to America in 1912, first settling in Boyden, Iowa, where he worked for a farmer, Mr. Rosenboom.

In 1913, he sent two boat-fare tickets to the Netherlands, one for his girlfriend, Elizabeth Miedema, and the other for his brother, George. His brother worked on farms in Iowa to pay back the price of his fare, and Peter married Elizabeth in 1915.

In 1918, he came to Ypsilanti, North Dakota on an immigrant train, bringing his horses and cows, with his machinery and some furniture on another car. His wife, Elizabeth, and three children (Hattie, Frank and Sadie), came in the passenger car.

For a short time, they lived with an uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Johannes Miedema, until their home was ready to move into. Peter's farm was 7 miles east, 1 south, and ¼ east of Ypsilanti. They had purchased the farm from the Johnson Land Company. There they had three more children: John, Rena and Jeanetta. They lived on this farm for several years.

Mrs. Peter Van Dyke passed away in 1938. After many years of farming, and after all of his children had been established in homes of their own, Peter Van Dyke bought a home in Jamestown. In 1982, when the Ypsilanti Community Centennial Book was published, he was 90 years-old and residing at Hi Acres Nursing Home in Jamestown.