Robert Jorgenson

Robert Jorgenson was born in Ypsilanti on April 9, 1925. His father was Fred Jorgenson, the son of Louis Jorgenson, and his mother was Hattie Schulz, the daughter of William and Minnie Schulz. He had one brother, Elmer, who passed away in 1917, at the age of six months. His mother, Hattie, later married Melvin Syverson.

Lorraine was born on November 22, 1926. Her parents were Harry and Elsie Warner. She was born on the farm of her grandfather, James Kieley, which was eleven miles east of Ypsilanti, North Dakota. Loraine had one brother, Donald, and a half-brother, Dennis Brimer. Her mother, Elsie, later married Dave Brimer. Loraine taught school in Ypsilanti Township for two years, the Madden School from 1945-1946, the Berge School in 1946-1947, and the Greenland School in 1947-1948.

Robert and Lorraine were married on June 20, 1948, and became the parents of four children: Pauline, Elaine Marie, David, and Jon Louis.