William John Aljoe

William John Aljoe was married to Anna Beyers. William and Anna Aljoe came from Ireland, first to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in search of a more peaceful place to live, and because he already had a sister living there.

Later, they moved to Illinois, where two sons and two daughters were born: John, Martha, Steve and Anna.

Still later, they moved from Illinois, to Iowa, to South Dakota, where they lived for awhile before moving to Ypsilanti, North Dakota in 1915. They came as far as Montpelier, North Dakota in an immigrant car, along with their cattle and all their belongings.

The Aljoes had a little farm land where they built a farm in Corwin Township, Stutsman County, North Dakota. They built the house in 1915, and the barn in 1917, which was still standing in 1982. All of their farming was done with horses.

William John Aljoe died in 1951, his wife Anna in 1939.