Adolph Radtke

Adolph Julius Radtke was born in a sod house east of Ypsilanti, North Dakota, on April 19, 1883. His parents were John and Matilda Radtke, and his siblings were Rudolph, William, Millie, Emma, Ferd, Hattie, Martha, Paul, and Alfred.

Beatrice Mary Dalin was born in Stillwater, Minnesota on January 25, 1894.

Adolph and Beatrice were married in 1909, after which they farmed ten miles east of Ypsilanti for a while, then moved to the Henry Tabbert farm until they moved to their own home, which they built in 1919.

They farmed there until they sold the farm in September of 1937, and moved to Washington.

Adolph and Beatrice Radtke had nine children.

Beatrice married Wilbert Bartz. Lawrence was married to Erna Kurtz, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kurtz. Raymond married Bernice Harshman. Francis married Alma Kurtz, Erna's sister. Adolph Radtke Jr. moved to Washington and married Joan Caterill. Robert Lee married Doris Frey. William married Bertha Farthefer. Henry was married to Gloria Rutman. Janet became Mrs. Kent Long.