Carl Daede

Carl Daede was born in Germany on June 13, 1841. Dorthea Wentland was also born in Germany, on October 29, 1844.

Both Carl and Dorthea came to Jefferson County, Wisconsin from Germany. They were married in Wisconsin on September 16, 1869. They lived in a log cabin on forty acres of stump land, where they worked hard to clear their land and to make a home for their six children who were born there: Emma, Amelia, Theodore, Charles, Ida, and Bertha.

In the spring of 1881, Carl came to Homer Township, in Stutsman County, North Dakota on an immigrant train, bring his wife, six children, three cows, two horses, and all of their personal belongings. They were early settlers in Stutsman County, North Dakota.

They build a small one-room sod house that first summer, planted oats for winter feed, and planted twelve cottonwood trees. As the years went by, the townsite grew, and four more children were added to the family: Matilda, Adolph, Elsa, and Martha.

They experienced one of the worst snow storms in history, one that came to the prairie lands in 1888. It covered three states, turning the prairie lands into one large, deep blanket of snow, with banks of snow covering many buildings. They burned twisted hay as heating fuel.

In 1890, there was a terrible hailstorm, which came as they were building a new house. The storm came at night, as the children were sleeping in the granaries. When the storm was over, the kids walked to the house where their parents were standing knee-deep in ice water. The cattle had scattered in the storm. Dead birds and gophers were lying on the ground. Large holes were pounded into the boards on the buildings. Nevertheless, they finished their home, built a large barn, pig house, chicken coop, granaries, ice house, and a smoke house.

In the fall of 1908, they retired and moved into Jamestown. Dorthea passed away on August 16, 1916. Carl died on August 17, 1920.