Charles Tabbert

Charles Henry Tabbert emigrated to the United States from Germany, and filed a homestead claim in Barnes County, North Dakota, just east of the Stutsman County line, in 1885. At that time, he built a sod shanty, and a new house around 1900.

He went to Montana, and later went back to Germany, where he was married to Rosalie Modersitzki. While he was in Germany, World War I started, and he couldn't get back to the United States until 1921.

Charles Henry Tabbert passed away in 1925, after which his wife stayed on the farm until her death in 1938.

Carl Henry Tabbert and Emmy Rosalie Tabbert, the son and daugher of Charles Henry and Rosalie Tabbert, were both born in Germany, and accompanied their parents to the North Dakota homestead in 1921.

Carl Henry Tabbert married Edna Wilma Potter, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Ludwig and Mary Yanda Potter, in 1939. They lived on the home farm until 1955, then moved to Minnesota.

Sharon Kay Tabbert was married to Ted Robert Melsheimer in 1963. When the Ypsilanti Community Centennial Book was published in 1982, Mr. and Mrs. Melsheimer were living in Carson City, Nevada, where they owned and operated Mustang Manufacturing Company.