George Wilmart

George Julius Wilmart was born on a farm in the Montpelier area on August 20, 1901. His parents were William and Mary (Naze) Wilmart. His mother died when he was nine months old, and he was taken in by an uncle, Jule Naze, and grew up on their farm west of Montpelier. George attended school in the Ypsilanti and Montpelier areas, and also attended the Agricultural College in Fargo.

Elma Mohn graduated from high school in Montpelier, then attended Valley City Normal School, then began her teaching career, which took her to several area schools, including the Manns Madden and Berge Schools.

George and Elma were married, after which they resided on a farm in Corwin Township before moving to another farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilmart were active in community activities. Mr. Wilmart served on the township board, school board, and was director of the St. Huberts Catholic Church until it was sold. Mrs. Wilmart continued teaching, and was also active in church programs, teaching catechism, and serving as president and secretary of the St. Huberts Altar Society for many years.

They were the parents of three children: Kathlene, Eugene, and Leola.

In 1982, when the Ypsilanti Community Centennial Book was published, both Mr. and Mrs. Wilmart were living on their farm.