Hannah Strommen

Mr. and Mrs. Strommen came to a farm three miles southeast of Ypsilanti, North Dakota. Prior to that, they had lived for a time near Marion, North Dakota.

Mrs. Hannah Strommen was born in Northland Township, Ransom County, North Dakota, on October 23, 1878, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hans Paulson. She attended rural Ransom County schools. She married Simon Strommen.

The Strommens farmed southeast of Ypsilanti. Simon also ran a threshing machine outfit, and died as a result of that work on the last day of the season. His wife, Hannah, was left with four children: Carl (10), Harry (8), Simon (6), and Olivia (6 months), at the time of their father's death on November 7, 1912.

Hannah remained on the farm with her children. She was an assistant to Dr. Spencer during the flu epidemic, and was midwife to the birth of several Ypsilanti community infants. Other than the last six years of her life, when she was at Central Dakota Nursing Home, she lived her life on the farm. She was ninety-six years old when she died on January 25, 1975. She was survived by only one child, her youngest daughter, Olivia, who was married to Henry Erdahl.