Hans Ellefson

Hans Ellefson was born on April 3, 1878, in Iowa. Gena Nelson was also born in Iowa, in 1885.

Hans Ellefson came to Ypsilanti, Stutsman County, North Dakota, from Iowa in 1905. He and his brother, Tom, worked for Fred Nicholls and the Mann brothers during the harvest season. They liked North Dakota, so they decided to stay.

In 1906, the Ellefson brothers bought a quarter of prairie land in Ypsilanti Township. No one had lived on it before them.

The Ellefson brothers farmed for a couple of years, then rented the farm to Peter Larson and went back to Iowa.

In 1910, Hans Ellefson and Gena Nelson were married. They farmed in Iowa until 1913, then returned to the farm in Ypsilanti Township. Their daughter, Hazel, brother Tom,  and Clara Nelson came with them.

Tom returned to Iowa some years later. Clara Nelson married Charles Manns. Hans served as supervisor on the Ypsilanti Township Board for twenty-one years, and on the Church Council at Montpelier Lutheran Church for many years. Mrs. Ellefson was active in the Ladies Aid there.

Mrs. Ellefson passed away on August 2, 1949, at the age of sixty-three. Hans Ellefson died on November 23, 1971, at the age of ninety-three. Both were buried at the Montpelier Lutheran Cemetery at Montpelier, North Dakota.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellefson had one daughter, Hazel, who married Arne Rasmussen, and lived on the Ellefson farmsite.