Helge Ronning

Helge S. Ronning was born on January 1, 1873 at Eggedal, Norway. He emigrated to the United States and settled in Minnesota in 1897, where he became a citizen of the United States.

In 1904, he came to North Dakota and farmed 4 ½ miles east of Ypsilanti, in Stutsman County. He built a stone house and lived in it until he was married to Stella Anderson, the daughter of Andrew Anderson, in 1927. Following his marriage, he built a wood house.

When he retired from farming, the Ronnings moved to Jamestown, then lived with their daughter, Mary, in California, for a few years before returning to North Dakota.

Helge died in 1955, and Stella passed away in 1957. They were the parents of Mary, Inez, and Arlene.