Hubert Nicholls

Hubert Nicholls was born in Brandon, Minnesota in 1871. In 1892, as a young man, he came to North Dakota to work for an uncle on the railroad section.

Then, in 1897, he came to Ypsilanti, in Stutsman County, where he succeeded Ed Frost as section foreman for the Great Northern Railway.

In 1910, he married Alice Egan, a teacher in the Ypsilanti area schools.

Hubert became postmaster in Ypsilanti in 1916, a job that he kept until he retired in 1941. His wife, Alice, passed away in 1916. Hubert was also a partner of M.O. Ruud in a general store, generally known as Ruud and Nicholls General Store. A few years later, Hubert sold his part in the store to William Hyslop, and moved to the building across the street, where he operated a store and post office.

After his retirement, he remained in Ypsilanti until his death in 1953. Hubert and Alice Nicholls had oen son, Marcus.