John Docktor

In 1902, John and Anna Docktor sold their farm near Canby and moved to a farm near Jamestown and Ypsilanti, in Stutsman County, North Dakota, becoming early settlers in this area. With them, came their youngest sons, Charles and George, who had been born in Canby.

In 1903, Anna died, and John was left to raise the family on this farm in North Dakota. In 1982, when the Ypsilanti Community Centennial Book was published, the Cliff Orr family was living on this farm.

In his later years, John retired from farming and lived with his son, Charles, and his family. He died in 1940, at the age of eighty-two.

The children of John and Anna Docktor were: Joseph, Anna, John, Mary, Frank, Rose, Charles, and George. Charles was three when his parents moved him to the Jamestown-Ypsilanti area.