Julius Ukestad

Julius Ukestad came to Ypsilanti, North Dakota in 1898, with his first wife, from Minnesota. He worked for Hubert Nichols, his brother-in-law, that summer. In the fall, he hired out to A. Broughton.

Nils Falk wanted Julius to take up a homestead on Section 24 in Corwin Township, so Julius took his advice, building a house there in 1899. In 1900, he and his wife worked for Tuthill, and Nils Falk lived in the house.

Mary Angen came to Ypsilanti from Minnesota in 1905. Her brother, John, had come earlier. Mary worked for the Spauldings. Julius and Mary were married in 1906, and they lived on the homestead southeast of Ypsilanti for several years, then moved into Ypsilanti.

Mr. Ukestad passed away in 1954, Mrs. Ukestad in 1962. They had six children: Ianca, Loyal, Jennive, Manroy, Bertha, and James.