Leonard Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. John Schultz came to the Ypsilanti community of Stutsman County, North Dakota from Minnesota to homestead. Next, John's brother, Alvin, farmed the Schultz farm. Later, Alvin moved out west, and Alfred Schultz took over.

Leonard Schultz was born to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schultz on October 12, 1905. He had a sister, Helen, who married Ralph Smith, and moved to California.

When Alfred Schultz passed away, Leonard and his mother continued to farm for a number of years.

When his mother died, and Leonard was alone on the farm, he became interested in flying, and earned a reputation as a pilot. Leonard had his own airport, Schulanti, which was east of his farm.

He also built several of his own planes. In 1929, Leonard Schultz bought a kit for around $1,200 and spent two years, in his off-hours, putting a plane together. It had a 24-foot wingspan, and an 18-foot-long body. The aircraft's maiden voyage took place in the summer of 1931. Leonard logged more than a hundred hours of flying in "The Little Ypsilantian."

During World War II, the federal government grounded all such aircraft, and after the war, Leonard continued flying, but only in factory-built planes.

Leonard Schultz passed away in 1968.