Louis Corhouse

Louis M. Corhouse was born in Oslo, Norway on July 31, 1877. Bolletta Quimsland was born in Iowa on February 26, 1886.

Louis Corhouse came from Norway to Iowa in the late 1800s. He and Bolletta Quimsland were married in 1901. Nine children were born to them: Bertha, Lawrence, Selmer, Martha, Bessie, Bernice, Martina, Luella, and Rose.

The first five children (Betha, Lawrence, Selmer, Martha and Bessie) were born in Iowa. Then the family moved to Minnesota, where Bernice and Martina were born.

The family then moved to North Dakota and farmed northwest of Ypsilanti, in Stutsman County. Luella and Rose were born in North Dakota. Louis, Bolletta, and their family farmed near Ypsilanti for several years before moving back to Minnesota.

Lousis Corhouse passed away on March 11, 1946. Mrs. Corhouse died on October 3, 1950.