M.O. Ruud

Mr. Ruud and H.V. Nicholls operated the grocery store in Ypsilanti, North Dakota formerly owned by the Spauldings.

M.O. Ruud built his home in Ypsilanti. When the Ruuds left Ypsilanti, they sold their home to the Whitney Brothers. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Jacobson rented this house for a short time while they were building their own home. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schilling bought the home from the Whitneys, and lived there until they moved to California. Mr. and Mrs. John Luchsinger bought the home next, and lived there for several years, while he worked at the Farmers State Bank. Then George and Waunita Mellum purchased the home, living there until they retired to Jamestown. Robert and Lorraine Jorgenson purchased the home from the Mellums, and lived there until they moved to the R.B. Kotts home. Palmer and Joan Lien bought the home from the Jorgensons, staying there for two years. Wayne and Barbara Ketterling bought the house from the Liens, and were there still in 1982, when the Ypsilanti Community Centennial Book was published.