Ole Lund

Ole Lund was born in Tynset, Norway, on August 21, 1869. He emigrated to the United States with his boyhood friend, Ellof Mohn, in 1890, in order to avoid compulsory military duty in Norway.

The landed at Ellis Island, where they were quarantined for two weeks, which was a standard procedure for immigrants. Then, they came west as far as Wisconsin, where they worked in the forest as lumberjacks.

The next summer, they came to North Dakota and found work at Fort Ransom, in Ransom County, working for Hans Paulson.

Ole established a homestead five and a half miles southeast of Ypsilanti, in Stutsman County, where he lived in an inverted wagon box placed over a trench deep enough to stand up in. He cooked his meals on one side and slept on the other for one summer. He ate a lot of moldy bread that summer, but was at times able to buy fresh bread from Mrs. Cumber, who lived near Montpelier. There were very few farm homes nearby in 1896.

Ole Lund married Mina Paulson at Fort Ransom in 1896, and they were to have nine children. Oliver was born in 1898, and Olga in 1900. In 1902, Hilda was born, and Martin came in 1904. Anna was born  in 1906, and Chester in 1909. Stella was born in 1910, Lawrence in 1913, and and Florence in 1915.

Olga married Alex Peplinski, and had nine children with him.

Hilda married Englebret Rolfson, with whom she had eight children, including one set of twins. Hilda died in 1935.

Martin married Avis Gift, and they had three children. Martin passed away in 1976, and Avis followed in 1979.

Anna married Joe Peplinski, and had one daughter. In 1982, she was deceased, but Joe was living in Jamestown.

Chester lived on the home farm until his mother passed away, then he sold the farm to his nephew, Ronnie Lund. He married Catherine Teske, and they were living in Jamestown in 1982.

Stella married Rudolph Mohn, and they had two children, Rolland and Rudella. Stella died in 1943, and Rudolph in 1963. After the death of their mother, the two children made their home with Martin and Avis Gift.

Lawrence returned from military service during World War II in poor health. He had been in a German prisoner of war camp for thirty-four months.

Florence married Emil Halvorson from Bemidji, Minnesota. Florence and Emil had two sets of twins.

Ole Lund passed away in 1942, and Mrs. Lund died in 1962.