Owen Madden Sr.

Owen Madden Sr. was married to Margaret Beaumaster. Owen was born in Howard, Illinois on October 1, 1866. Margaret was born on May 22, 1873 in Burlington, Wisconsin. They were married on February 7, 1893, and lived in Elma, Iowa. Four daughters were born to them there: Irene, Mabel, Waunita, and Mary.

In 1904, they came to a farm east of Ypsilanti, in Stutsman County, North Dakota. Owen's brother, Tom Madden, was there before that time, and owned a steam threshing machine. Owen, Ralph, Margaret, Florence, and James were born on this farm. Two girls, Genevieve and Marion, died in infancy.

When they began their life there, the Madden children were three miles from the nearest school. Later, the school was moved closer, just a mile from the Madden farm. All of the Madden children were graduates of this one-room rural school. Waunita's first grade teacher was Angie Schiess.

Some of the Madden's nearest neighbors were the Schiess, Rettich, and Gomsrud families.

In 1914, the Maddens built a new home on the farm. Owen was a member of the school board, and one of the first directors of the Ypsilanti Equity Elevator.

Owen and Margaret discontinued farming in 1942, had a farm sale, and moved to Jamestown.