Peter Holden

Peter Holden was born in Nordre Land, Norway on June 16, 1874. He came to the United States, at the age of sixteen years, with his oldest brother, working on a farm for an uncle in Iowa. He attended school to learn English, and became a citizen soon after.

Eva Francis Burr was born in Grundy County, Iowa on November 28, 1874. Her family lived at Bradgate, Iowa. They were Pennsylvania Dutch.

Peter Holden and Eva Burr were married in Gilmore City, Iowa, and farmed there for several years before coming to North Dakota in 1906. They first settled in the Eckelson area, and then lived on a farm east of Ypsilanti, in Stutsman County.

They were married for fifty-eight years, and were the parents of six children: Clara May, Goldner Jacob, Carl Wesley, Rose Julia, Lillian Anna, and Clinton Roland.