R.S. Towle

R.S. Towle was married to Mary Jane Winfield, the daughter of John Nelson and Hannah Winfield.

They were living in Michigan in the early to mid-1880s, when Mary's parents decided to leave their homestead in the Ypsilanti area of North Dakota, and return to Michigan.

The Towles moved onto the North Dakota farm. They had four children: John, Ray, Will, and Essie.

When R.S. Towle passed away in 1905, their children became owners of the farm.

John married Alma Mathison. Essie was married to Charlie Thompson, the son of Olia Thompson. After Essie's marriage, she sold her interest in the farm to her three brothers. John lived on the farm until 1916, when he and  his family moved into Ypsilanti. For several years, the farm was rented.