Rudolph Radtke

Rudolph Radtke was born in Winona, Minnesota in 1881. His parents were John and Matilda Radtke, and his brothers and sisters were William, Millie, Emma, Adolph, Ferd, Hattie, Martha, Paul, and Alfred.

When Rudolph was young, he moved to a farm east of Ypsilanti, North Dakota with his parents, his brothers and his sisters. Most of his siblings married. Some remained in North Dakota, while others moved west.

Matilda and Rudolph stayed on the farm after the death of John Radtke. They lived in a small wood house that was on the farm. In 1914, Rudolph built a larger house on the property. When Rudolph married in 1917, his mother moved up to live with with her sons, Paul and Alfred, which was also in the Ypsilanti area. Then she moved out west with one of her children, and died in 1940, at the age of ninety.

Rudolph Radtke and Clara Holden were married on January 1, 1917 at the home of Reverend Hess in Jamestown, North Dakota. They moved into the larger house that he had built on the farm.

Rudolph lost his left arm in 1934 in a binder accident. In subsequent years, he was still able to run the binder at harvest time, but mainly he fed the chickens and put in the garden. His older son, Roy, and the other boys, had to plant the crops and run the farm machinery at a young age.

Clara was the school clerk at the Radtke School in 1934, a position she held until the school was closed due to consolidation.

Rudolph passed away at the age of seventy-four in 1954. Clara continued to live on the farm with her son, Roy, after the death of her husband. The farm was known as Meadow Lake View Farm.

Rudolph and Clara Radtke were the parents of three sons and two daughters: Roy, Florence, Floyd, Vernon, Dorothy, and Clara.