William Schultz

William Schultz was born in Dresden, Germany on September 18, 1858. He came to Marion, North Dakota in 1882. He was the brother of Gottlieb Schultz.

Wilhelmina Wagner was born in Hamburg, Germany on February 15, 1863. She came to the United States in 1881, at the age of seventeen.

William and Wilhelmina had known one another in Germany, and were married in 1883. They moved to the Ypsilanti, North Dakota community shortly afterward.

They became the parents of thirteen children: Herman, Minnie, Louise, Eda, Ann, Otto, Mary, Lucille, Hattie, Alice, Mabel, and William.

Minnie married Oscar Christopherson, and had four children: Blanche, Art, Ethel, and Pete.

Eda (Edith) married Edward Whitney. They had six children: Ida, Floyd, Art, Irene, Vernon, and Eldora.

Ann married Leonard Whitney, and had one son, Clarence.

Otto was married to Mable Larson, and they had two children, Robert and Florence.

Mary was wed to Chauncy Whitney, and they had one son, George.

Lucille married John Jorgenson. They had one son, who died during a flu epidemic.

Hattie married John Jorgenson, and they had three sons: Elmer, LeRoy, and Robert.

Alice was married to Opha VanWinkle. They had two daughters, Eldora and Violet.

Mabel passed away at the age of nineteen.

The three oldest children, Herman, Minnie and Louise, were all married on the same day in 1907.

Edith and Ann were also married on the same day, May 11, 1910, to Whitney brothers. These two families lived together for a while.

Mary was also wed to a Whitney boy, Chan.

Otto and Louise married siblings as well, a sister and a brother in the Larson family.

Hattie and Lucille married Jorgenson brothers.

Mr. William Schultz passed away on October 30, 1919, and Wilhelmina died on January 17, 1948.