Willington Haskell

Willington Natian Haskell was married to Mary Brooks. Willington was born in Michigan on August 19, 1858. Mary was born in 1876. Both Willington and Mary's fathers had been killed during the Civil War.

Willington and Mary Haskell farmed in Winfield, north of Ypsilanti, in Stutsman County, North Dakota. They lived in a sod house after their home burned.

Mary died in 1923. Following her death, their daughter, Minnie, and her husband, Charles Docktor, lived there and helped take care of Willington, who was also known as William.

Willington and Mary Haskell had six children, all born on the Haskell farm.

Isabel was born on September 28, 1899. She was married to Art Paign in South Dakota. He died a year later. She met Edwin Evenson in North Dakota while living with her sister, Minnie, for a year or so. They were married, and moved to Minnesota. She died during a tornado, at the age of thirty-two.

Minnie was born on April 29, 1900. She married Charles Docktor on October 6, 1919. They had nine children. She died in 1969, and was buried in Ypsilanti Cemetery.

Doris was born in 1902. She married Lawrence Domek, and they lived on a farm near Montpelier, North Dakota for a time, then they moved into Montpelier, where they built a new house. They had three children, and their oldest son took over the farm.

James Haskell served in the Marine Guard on the USS Mississippi in 1929 and 1930. In 1982, at the time that the Ypsilanti Community Centennial Book was published, he was unmarried and living in Visalia, California.

Nyda was married to Chancy Green, and they had one daughter, Sontona. She died in Calwell, Kansas in 1960.

Arthur lived with Minnie and her family until he enlisted in the U.S. Army. He had also worked for Frank Provan, a farmer in Winfield Township. In 1982, Arthur was married and living in South Gate, California.